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Honda Civic Estio and Civic Genio

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Now We will show the Variant of Civic.This, Civic Genio, and also for you that like style, Civic Estilo.

Honda Civic Estilo Modifikasi Photo
The 5th generation of Honda civic also called Honda Civic. This civic consist of 2 variants, 4 doors (sedan) and 2 door (hathback). A 4-door Civic Genio known while type 2 door Civic named Estilo.In the language of sunrise, Genio means Genius and Estilo means Stylish.

Civic Genio who in his time had a serious rival is the Toyota Corolla that carrying the engine capacity of 1600 cc, 4 cylinder, SOHC, 16 valve exertion approximately 120 dk.There are 2 transmission of Toyota Corolla, there are manual transmission / MT and automatic transmission / AT. The engine spec is exactly the same as using that Civic Estilo and Civic Genio. Unfortunately Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio engine spec sold in Indonesia is included lowest caste. Here are custom Honda factory in indonnesia that like low specification to pursue the sale price. The higest caste from Civic EG (Civic Estilo and Civic Genio) carrying 1600 cc engine, 4 chilinder, DOHC, VTECH, 16 valve and output that produced reach 165 dk!
Honda Civic Estilo engine
Needless to lenght, immediately we will advantages and disadvantages about Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio.

Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio Advantages:

  • Curve of Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio body rounded, aerodynamic and not stiff make this car can not be behind the times.
  • Honda Image meakes Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio has resale value.
  • Although Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio has not carry the VTECH technology, like Civic Ferio(The generation after Civic Genion and Civic Estilo). The Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio fuel consumpsion in the city, average of about 1:10 and out of town 1:12.
  • Enough spare parts on the market, ranging from the original to the class KW available for Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio. Body wastes & offal ex-Singapore are also many who sell here.
  • In standard conditions & healthy engine, Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio can be lauched up to 180 km / h or more.
  • Rear Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio wheels is equipped with a disc, so do not hesitate to make a hooked speeding.
  • Typical of Honda's double wishbone suspension makes Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio quite comfortable using that.
  • Interior includes a relief compared to rivals. Rear seatbelt was available except for 1992-1993 Civic Genio output.
  • For those who like stepping on the gas pedal, power adders doping pretty much available in the market ..

Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio Disadvantages:

  • Car tax ranges from 1.5 million - 1.7 million, is quite expensive for an old car.
  • Yet to implement VTEC engine technologies-E (economy), if applicable fuel consumption can be suppressed again.
  • Quality of Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio doortrim's where the plastic / fiber easily broken / cracked. The consequence must make repeated or disposable fiber waste doortrim ex-Singapore.
  • Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio seat's material is less good, the foam was also impressed easily deflated.
  • Sector of legs quite fragile, especially if often over bad roads component life will not until 2 years.
  • Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio in 1992-1993 still adhered to a ply radiator, engine overheat easily. Fortunately the Honda Civic Estilo and Civic Genio radiator's was repaired using 2 ply for the output from 1994-1995.
  • Minimal place in the interior goods store, was so no console box. Hard to put the bottle for mineral water, canned drinks and so on.
  • Pulley Bolts easily torn, must often be checked, should be replaced when changing the timing belt, belt P / S, the alternator belt et al.
Honda Civic Estilo Modifikasi

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